Company Overview

Strategic Partners, Inc. is a private venture investment company specializing in the computer software, services, and information technology industries.  Our objective is to be a strong financial partner in helping emerging companies accelerate their growth and achieve leadership status in their market segments.


Financial Value-Add

Strategic Partners brings a substantial amount of value-added capability to its investments as a working financial partner.


The value to emerging growth companies can be summarized as follows:


· Access to a large base of capital to accelerate growth, build critical mass, and establish industry leadership

· Pro-active board participation to assist the CEO in raising capital, implementing merger/acquisition strategies, and developing strategic alliances.

· Extensive industry-specific expertise in information technology and the effective use of     advanced Pipeline Management principles.

· “Financial Roadmap”development for venture capital financings and liquidity alternatives such as initial public offerings and merger/sale alternatives


Contact Information

Contact:  Kermit L. Stofer, President

                 Strategic Partners, Inc

                 60 State St.  Suite 700

                 Boston, MA   02109

                 Phone:    (617) 988-2830

                 FAX:      (617) 988-2831   




Partial List of Companies   
(venture investments, board seats,

Salesnet, Inc.                               
Steleus Group, Inc.                           
Coherent Networks Inc.                   
Network Management Group     
Roving Software
ObjectFX Corporation                   
Spinnaker Software                         
Information Advantage                   
Datamyte Corporation                   
McCosker Corporation                 
Bird Corporation                           
Envoy Systems Corp.                   
Computer Devices Inc.                 

Customer Relationship Mgt. Software 
Network Performance Mgt. Software
Operation Support Systems for Utilities
Operation Support Systems for Telecom
On-line Email Marketing Solutions
Enterprise Spatial Visualization Software
Consumer and Educational Software
Decision Support Systems
Hand-held Data Acquisition Systems
Contractors, Real Estate Software
Construction Management Software
Sales Force Automation Software
Portable Computer Terminals